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A Weekend in Monterey Bay, California

Updated: Feb 7, 2018

Monterey Bay is located south of the major cities of San Francisco and San Jose.

If you live in Bay Area, you will already be familiar with this beautiful place - Monterey Bay. If you are visiting San Francisco or nearby, don’t miss out on this beauty.

Stay in Victorian style Hotel We spent one of the weekends at this hotel while in Monterey. It has the style and feel of Victorian era. It is a cute Victorian style hotel and has a very peculiar old times historic vibe to it. I love the vibe of such places. Makes you feel as if you travelled in the past. Check it out if you love such places as well – http://www.centrellainn.com/

Brunch at Mission Ranch Hotel and Restaurant I specially want to call out this very beautiful ranch on the way – Mission Ranch- perfect for an American lunch, dinner or stay. We had Sunday lunch here. The lunch buffet was beyond awesome. Plus what makes it really special is the view which comes with it. You overlook the beautiful ranch and the ocean. We also got to see some deer running around the ranch. What more do you want with lunch! The whole experience was amazing. If you plan to go to Monterey/Carmel next time, you can stop by this ranch for drinks or lunch. I’ve heard dinner is pretty awesome too with live music. Someone told us that this place is actually owned by the Hollywood actor- Clint Eastwood. There was plan of building condominiums here, but the actor loved this place and decided to rescue it so that more people can visit this beauty. So he bought it and turned it into a beautiful resort. Well thanks to Clint for saving this beauty!

Check it out here – http://www.missionranchcarmel.com

17 Mile Drive On the way back, we drove through the 17 mile drive. This is one of the most picturesques drives in California full of beautiful coastal cliffs, beaches, greenery and golf courses. Check it out here if you don’t already know about it – https://www.pebblebeach.com/17-mile-drive/

Some pictures from the stay at the Victorian hotel (Centrella Inn ) and post lunch photoshoot at Mission Ranch and 17 Mile Drive on the way back

Cheers! – Anjali Ryot


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