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Bernina express - A beautiful detour in Italy trip

Updated: Feb 21, 2018

One of the reasons we planned to go to Milan in our Italy trip was a beautiful one day detour we booked from there - Bernina Express, also known as ' The Red train'. (Checkout the blog - 10 days in Italy here, if you haven't yet) The train takes you through the glistening glaciers, lakes and blends beautifully with the alpine landscapes. This trip starts from Milan early in the morning in a bus. The bus drives through beautiful hills and lakes near Milan to finally board Bernina Express at Tirano. Bernina express route (Tirano to St. Moritz ) is one of the most scenic train routes in the world and is UNESCO World Heritage Site . Thanks to the panoramic windows which provide excellent and unobstructive capture of this beauty.

You get to roam in St. Moritz (in Switzerland) for couple hours and then board back the train and bus to reach back Milan around 7 PM. A long day but a very beautiful journey with breathtaking views. I absolutely loved it and highly recommend to take this trip.

Most of the pictures below were taken from the train itself. If you plan to go in winter season, this route will be even more beautiful with a red train driving through white mountains.

** I dont own rights for the pictures below, but wanted to show how it looks even more beautiful in the winter season.


Anjali Ryot


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