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How to plan a 3 day trip to Cancun, Mexico

I want to travel the world, but I am always short of vacations . So, I end up planning trips which can be covered over a weekend or by taking just one day off in a weekend. So here's a 3 day short + awesome trip to Cancun.

If you are flexible on dates, costco travel offers one of the best packages which are comparatively cheaper. Unfortunately the costco itinerary didn't match the days I had planned. I took flight details and hotel details from costco , but booked myself. Some of the hotels have a lot of package deals where food is included, eg., Club 91 at JW Marriott offers upgraded services with open bar.

The good thing about Cancun is that if you stay in a hotel, you can buy trips to all the places like chichen itza (city of Mayan ruins + pyramid), XCaret or excavation tours at the hotel itself.

We stayed at JW Mariott and it had one of the best private beaches I have ever seen.

Day 1 – Beach + Infinity Pool + Party Night Most of the hotels here have really good private beaches.

If you are a party person, get ready to have some serious fun !! Night life at Cancun is tooooo good. I loved it! Coco Bonco is the most popular club – drinks are on the house. It was just a little too much crowded bcz of the long weekend. They have awesome shows inside the club. Its kinda like shows in Vegas, but in the clubs. Can it get any better !

Day 2 – Isla Mujeres You need to take a one hour ferry to this small pretty island. You can rent a golf cart and explore the whole island. It has amazing beaches, ancient ruins of mayan temple and some awesome local shops. The best part is you get to see some local culture as well.

Day 3 – my favourite – Xcaret

Its like you enter the Mayan age and explore the ancient Mexico. It also has all the water activities possible on earth. You can actually swim with sharks and sting ray. For me, I was satisfied with swimming in the river with caves with a life jacket. Its an artificial river which is like 5-6 feet deep. Even with a life jacket, I was scared all through the river that I would drown (I dont know swimming ) They also had a show which went through the cultural and religious shift in Mexico over the centuries. I still cant get enough of tap dancing and the spanish music.

Finally, do not miss out on the awesomest Margaritas here! I still miss them real bad and tried to find something similar in California, with no luck yet!


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