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New Zealand

If you are looking for a beautiful getaway in December/ January and Europe is too cold for you this time of the year or beaches are redundant, New Zealand offers the perfect combination of flora and fauna along with magnificent landscapes.

While the South Island of New Zealand is a stunning place to visit, the North Island got its share of remarkable places and amazing views. It is a perfect place to immerse yourself in the traditional Maori culture, sun along the best beaches of the country and have a pampering bathe in geothermal wonders of the island.

Island sanctuaries, magnificent landscapes, history and active volcanoes top the list when visiting the North Island.

From sea kayaking and surfing the world-famous waves in New Zealand to delving deeper into the North Island’s history and experiencing Maori culture directly from the Maori people, anyone will never run out of something to do in the country.

With most international flights that will drop you in Auckland, the top destinations are all just within a day’s drive of the city. Whether you are thinking of visiting New Zealand’s North Island for fun and adventures or just for a relaxing trip, the island has everything in store for you.

Here are some of the most exciting and wonderful places to visit and things to do in the North Island.


While in North island, you cannot miss Hobbiton, the very scenic movie set for the world famous – The Hobbit film series and The Lord of the Rings film trilogy. You will view one of the most beautiful and unique gardens and very cute and colorful hobbit holes built to perfection on picturesque green pastures. At the end of the trip, taste one of the best ciders and beers of the area in Green Dragon Pub, and take a feel of how the hobbits party

Book here http://www.hobbitontours.com/


I am countryside fan and couldn’t leave without taking the feel of the green farms, fresh air and lifestyle. Maybe I was a country girl in some previous life . You get to live in a cottage located in the middle of the farms. Getting up early morning with the wake up call by a hen, watching the birds and the dew drops on the flowers and crops was heavenly – almost made me wonder if I could stay forever or atleast plan for future. Book here – http://www.earthstead.co.nz/ You can also book from hotels.com


Anyone who wants to get the ‘hands-on’ experience of what the Maori culture is and their tribal ways are about should visit the Tamaki Maori Village and book a Hangi buffet dinner. The village was built to reflect the typical Maori village and what it was like before the settlement of white men. If you want to have a glimpse of the early days’ culture of New Zealand, this is the destination you should never miss. They also make you participate in some rituals, which is really fascinating. Book here – www.tamakimaorivillage.co.nz


One of the most popular destinations for many overseas visitors in the North Island is the lakeside city of Rotorua. It is also the center of the thermal region of New Zealand, with steaming streams and lakes, hot mineral pools, multi-colored silica terraces and mud pools recognized for their curative properties. The place also has some of New Zealand’s best trout fishing and eleven major lakes you can choose from. Book here for your fav activities – http://www.rotoruanz.com/visit The one we booked – http://www.tepuia.com/experiences/


This is an experience which is unique to Newzealand. This 1 hour tour takes you to the limestone caves with beautiful stalactites and stalagmites formations which take millions of years to form. The tour inclues a boat ride under the magical glowworms on the roof of the caves. Have a look here – http://www.waitomo.com/Waitomo-Glowworm-Caves/Pages/default.aspx Book here – http://www.waitomo.com/Waitomo-Glowworm-Caves/Pages/default.aspx


This beautiful lake is known to be about the size of Singapore. Paddlers and swimmers can enjoy the relaxing warm, geothermal water currents at some of the beaches of the Lake. Just north of the Lake, you will also find the most visited attraction of New Zealand, the wonderful Huka Falls. Taupo is a magnificent lake for kayaking, sailing and water skiing.


This is one of the popular holiday destinations in the North Island of the country. You can reach here through the ferry services in Auckland. You will find a lot of scenic beaches and beach side restaurants with beautiful view of the oceanside. This is a good place to relax and have some real good food and drinks.


Of course, you can never fully enjoy your North Island adventure without going into the vibrant, live city of Auckland. Ranked as the world’s third most liveable city, Auckland is a flourishing multicultural hub of music art, culture and cuisine. When you visit the city, expect outstanding food, shopping and wine. When thinking of an urban environment where you can live within half an hour of hiking trails, enchanting holiday islands and stunning beaches, you are probably thinking of Auckland city. You will be immersed in the beautiful, distinctive Polynesian culture and get welcomes by friendly and happy peopl

When looking for a next holiday destination or a place to relax or experience exciting fun and adventures, the North Island of New Zealand has everything covered. With so many great experiences close by, it is so easy to hop from just an adventure to the next.


- Anjali Ryot


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