• Anjali Ryot

Retro style - Polka pants and crop top

Updated: Feb 7, 2018

Today’s look is inspired by the vintage yet evergreen polka dots and wide leg pants. Slim legged pants have been ruling out there with no competition, and they will never go out of style – I agree. While my go to pair for pants/jeans is slim legged as a no brainer, I decided to go for some more fabric this time. Although the oversize pants can be daunting for some of us, if you decide to wear it with style, it provides a tailored and classy look.

Narrow and crop style tops pair well with wide leg pants as it tries to balance out the wider proportions. For a slim and tall look with this style, opt for high waisted pants.

Right shoes is the key to the wide leg pants look. I’ve opted for a pointed toe ankle strap sandals from Old Navy, which match my crop top.

Have you heard skinny scarves are in spotlight as the new necklace today ? They add a cool effect to any casual style you choose to go with. Last but not the least, classy bags and accessories add a personality to this whole tailored look.


Polka dot pants - here

Crop top - here

Bag - similar

Ankle strap shoes - here


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