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Zion National Park, Utah

“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks” – John Muir

I am from a very beautiful hill station in India and I truly miss being around nature and hills. I am sure people who have lived in hills can relate. Every once in a while, whenever I can, I try to get out of this hush of city life and go to some place where nature is the sole beauty. Nature is a silent healer as well as teacher. Be it the stress of busy lifestyle, or boredom of a monotonous life, nature is always ready to embrace you with open arms. Whenever I go to such places, I feel so much connected to the actual world – mother earth, her beauty, mysteries, delights. Nature has its own way of making us realize what we are and how huge it is. It can change your perspective of the whole world, of your being , of your problems. You look through her mysteries and are left in awe of her beauty.

I am still in awe of my recent visit to Zion National Park, Utah. This place has so much to offer you, you will want to visit again and again. It was my second visit. This time I went with my parents. There is a shuttle service inside the park which takes you to all the major destinations / trails. The hikes we did were easy/ moderate. For people who don’t like to hike that much (like me :P), there are many very easy hikes as well (2-3 miles) and you still get to see the most beautiful views – Totally loved this about the park. You don’t have to hike > 15 miles to get a spectacular view. The whole view looks like its a beautiful painting with canyons colored in red and a blue river flowing through it.

How to get here ?

There are many ways you can drive/fly here – 1. Fastest route – Directly fly to St. George, Utah. Zion is around 1 hour away from St. George 2. Zion is a 2.5 hour drive from Las Vegas. The whole drive is very beautiful taking you through 3 states – Nevada, Arizona and Utah. Starting from Arizona, you start to see the beautiful canyons/hills. As you enter Utah, the whole road trip gets to another level . The road is surrounded by breathtaking view of beautiful red hills and a river cutting through in between. 3. The other route is – you land at Salt Lake City – then drive 3.5 hours to Zion. Through this route, you can also stop at Bryce Canyons

Where to stay ?

You can stay at Springdale itself which is where Zion National Park is located. The hotels / rooms face the canyons – such a great view! Try to book in advance for a better deal.

For a cheaper stay, you can drive 25 minutes and go to nearby towns like Hurricane. They have hotels/motels which are much cheaper

Best time to visit ?

I went in March end and the weather was awesome. Not much sun, not much cold and luckily no rain – perfect! Though the best times to visit are April through October

Another good time to see a different side of Zion is winters. Snow enhances the beauty even more. A lot of people love to take this road trip to Zion during winters. Though you need to be aware of the snow storm warnings when roads can get blocked / closed. I also visited last year in November end. It was very cold but the views were breathtaking. Visiting Zion in winters and in summers is a totally different experience. But make sure the shuttle service in the park is still running. They close it during peak winters.

Happy travelling :)


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